There are 12 chests containing a combination of prestige(2), gold(4) and jewelry(6). Every day after 0000 you can open one or more chests for free (based on VIP level). You can also pay 10 Diamonds to open additional chests (7 during Endless Fortune event). Once opened, chests remain open until reset. Chests can be reset at any time. Prestige and gold chests scale with your level, but jewelry is always 2, 3, 5, 10, 25 and 35.


  • 0-2: 1 free chest
  • 3-5: 2 free chests
  • 6 & 7: 3 free chests
  • 8 & 9: 4 free chests
  • 10: 5 free chests

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