Main story questsEdit

1) Race up level 1 (Rhaine)

  • Unlock side quest: Login bonus

2) Upgrade Senate to level 2

3) Build cottage

4) Build base

5) Race up level 4 (Cody)

6) Dragon strike (from the quest screen, highlight main quest, look under the "Guide" heading and click "View the battle")

  • Unlock side quest: Equip

7) Geraint (recruit from Hero hall > Epic hero screen, select Geraint and select "Conquer")

8) Allocate attribute (allocate at least 1 strength to your hero)

9) Barracks

  • Unlock side quest: Set tactics

10) Revindication (seize the annexed lands)

11) Use reinforced case (

12) Place Goblin (

13) Upgrade Senate to level 10


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