Craft System can synthesize Materials and Catalysts into advanced Items. Basic Materials can be gained randomly from Explore (Solo or Team-up)/robbing wildland. Medium Materials can be gained from Floor 11 or higher floors of Babel Tower or through Synthesizing. Advanced materials can only be gained through synthesizing. Basic Catalyst can be gained from team-up Explore randomly or bought in Shop. Other Catalysts are gained through Synthesizing.


In right side of Craft System, there are three lines of items displaying. The item in the middle line is the target item you choose from the left side of panel. Evolvable Items means that this kind of item can be gained by synthesizing the target item with other material/catalyst. Four items on bottom are material/catalyst needed for synthesizing into the target item. During synthesizing, the target item would twinkle for seconds and then you’ll see the amount of target item showed in Shop Items increased.


There are mainly 3 types of Materials. Players can get the dropping Materials via certain operation.


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