A Patron Beast in Castlot is your best friend through thick and thin! The Patron Beast can increase attributes of all your heroes. Your sweet sidekick will hatch from the egg when you reach Lv 20. The Patron Beast can increase HP, Attack, Defense, and Speed. The higher the level of your Patron Beast, the more attributes it can add to your heroes.


The level of the Patron Beast can be upgraded by gaining Exp through raising. There are ranks. Each rank is divided into 11 levels. The stars on the pictures are indicators of different levels. They are originally empty. When these stars are filled up, your little buddy will be ready to evolve to a higher rank and take up a more handsome form. There are four ways to raise your Patron Beast. They are the followings:

  1. Common Raising: This costs 20 K Gold each time. There is a probability that your Patron Beast gets 10 times Exp during the process of Common Raising.
  2. Advanced Raising: This costs 10 Diamonds each time. There is a probability that your Patron Beast gets 10 times Exp or advances to the next level directly during the process of Advanced Raising.
  3. Elite Raising: This costs 500 Diamonds and can carry out 50 Advanced Raisings at a time. This is only available for players who are at least VIP 7.
  4. Gold Mass Raising: This costs 1 M Gold and carries out 50 Common Raisings at a time.  There is a chance your Patron Beast gets 10 times the usual Exp during the process of raising.


Training EventEdit

The Patron Beast Fruits, aka Dragon Fruits have landed into the mysterious land of Castlot. Are you ready to give your loyal companion a healthy diet? Let it have a bite of the Dragon Fruit and get superb! Now let's see how good you are as a Dragon trainer and what type of Dragon you are worthy of!

Time:This event lasts 30 days starting from the moment you get your Dragon.

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