Hoping to get on the fast track? Come seize relics and earn Prestige! It's not only a competition among players but also a strength demonstration between factions! Occupying relics is an important way to obtain Prestige. However, there are just a limited number of relics. So to maintain a steady Prestige growth, bloodshed is inevitable. There are five sets of relics:


  1. After occupying a relic, players will receive Prestige every minuet. Plus they will get an extra 20 minuets of Prestige every 60 minuets. If there are multiple occupants in one relic, the Prestige gained will be split evenly among all occupants.
  2. Relics located closer to the center have a higher Prestige output. The closer they are to the center, the higher the Prestige output. Relics located at the rim have the minimum output.
  3. Only players of the same faction can team up.
  4. Relics are divided into single-player and three-player relics. A single-player relic only allows one occupant at a time. When attempting to occupy a single-player relic, players can choose two Epic heroes to fight along with their main hero. A three-player relic allows a maximum of three occupants. Players can team up with other players of the same faction to occupy a three-player relic, but can only send their main hero. One team can have a maximum of 3 players.
  5. Cannot abandon the relic within the first 30 minuets of occupation.
  6. Players will automatically leave the relic in 6 hours after occupying the relics.
  7. Players at level 50 or lower are allowed to occupy one relic, while players at levels higher than level 50 can occupy two relics.

Beneficial effectsEdit

Want to improve your Prestige gain? There are three methods you can take advantage of:

  • Double: Double the amount of Prestige gained for a cost of 15 diamonds/magic potions.
  • Extend: Extends your time in relic by four hours for a cost of 5 diamonds/magic potions.
  • Protect: Protect you from attacks of other players for a cost of 50 diamonds/magic potions.

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