In this side quest use Spirits to upgrade soldiers and improve their abilities. All four soldier type quests are active at once.

Upgrade Army
Type Stars Bright Dark Resources
Spearmen 1 Heavy Spearman Heavy Spearman
2 Swift Axeman Axe Hunter 10,000
3 Thunder Axeman Wail Axeman 12,500
4 Royal Guard Abyss Guard 15,000
Archers 1 Avalon Archer Jungle Archer
2 Elven Archer Tusky Archer 10,000
3 Crossbowman Ghost Archer 12,500
4 Marksman Devil Archer 15,000
Cavalry 1 Lancer Cuirassier
2 Elite Cavalier Cursed Knight 10,000
3 Swift Knight Ghost Knight 12,500
4 Paladin Devil Knight 15,000
Mages 1 Ice Mage Toxic Warlock
2 Fire Mage Fire Warlock 10,000
3 Thunder Mage Thunder Warlock 12,500
4 Holy Mage Devil Warlock 15,000

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