Fourth tier VIP costs $100 USD.

  1. A hero can be trained up to 12 hours. Advanced Mode is available.
  2. Training queues increase to 4.
  3. Can use Diamonds to Alchemize 50 times per day.
  4. Add 3 extra Silver Keys at 00:00 (Server Time) per day. Silver Keys upper limit increases to 32.
  5. Increase hero attribute enhancement success rate bonus to 1%.
  6. Increase equipment enhancement success rate bonus to 2%.
  7. Increase the number of daily free draws of Cards to 3.
  8. Get the VIP 4 Gift Pack with 10000 Prestige and 15 Cross Medals.
  9. Add Tech Queue #1.
  10. Activate Auto Draw and Auto Pick for Cards.
  11. Challenges in Arena increase to 26 times.

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