The 11 War Element Cards are effective in troop battles.  Every hero can be equipped with one War Element Card. Upgrading the War Element Card can increase its power.  Equip them in the Hero Hall. Furycrit, Mist Siege and Call of Dragon all damage each of your rival's armies. Heal of God heals your each of your armies. In the team battles (Stonehenge, Dense Forest, Jungle Mirage, Avalon and Aether) each player team and each of the three NPC teams use their War Elements each round and it effects all rival armies or all friendly armies not just the player that used it.


The formula for damage/healing = (total power of cards) (total soldiers sent [capped at 10,000] / 1000). The power of the cards is determined by the color multiplied by the level of each card in the combination added together. Green = 2; Blue = 3: Purple = 4; Yellow = 5; Red = 6. Example: Furycrit damage with 5000 soldiers, level 3 blue Inspire and level 4 green Charge = (Inspire (3*3) + Charge (4*2)) (5000/1000) = (9 + 8) (5) = 85 rival soldiers killed of each type remaining. Max Furycrit = 1000; Mist Siege = 1500; Call of Dragon = 2400; Heal of God = 1800.  *Note* If all soldiers of an army type were killed by a War Element, Heal of God wont restore that army type.


War Element cards
Champions Furycrit Mist Siege Heal of God Call of Dragon
1 Inspire Siege Revive Enrage
2 Charge Mist Pray Valor
3 Confine Will Summon
4 Ban

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